Since 2009, Show Me Shoes Foundation has helped over 3,000 teen girls "Build Confidence from the SOLE" with initiatives that provide interactive career-focused sessions, in-school self-love + confidence-building programs and the opportunity to receive new and/gently used shoes and prom dresses at no cost to them.

It is our priority to offer young women across the country access to opportunities, mentorship, a sisterhood and new 'soles' regardless of their financial limitations.

Your generous donations help to make these initiatives possible.

We ask for your financial support as we provide young ladies with more opportunities through educational, networking and mentor programs.

Thank You!

How can I donate?

As part of our Sole Support Network we want you to know that your donations will help support the operation of our yearly programs. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates and upcoming events for fundraisers. Taxable Donation receipts available upon request.  Paypal donations may be made here. 

To donate dresses and heels for prom project, please email for local chapter closest to your region.

Mailing Address:

Show Me Shoes Foundation
2451 Cumberland Pkwy
Ste. 3912
Atlanta, GA 30339