Teen Master Class


Atlanta Masterclass for the Creative SOLE is NOW OPEN!  July 24 **Limited Seats***

Kansas City Registration is NOW OPEN! July 21 **Limited Seats**

Show Me Shoes’ Master Class is the ultimate professional and educational experience! 

This initiative invites young ladies ages13-18 into the behind-the-scenes lives of the “everyday” workplace in fields such as; media & entertainment, fashion, retail, politics, sports, automotive, hospitality, philanthropy and more!

Master Class was created to show the value of education, networking and transform lives by providing an interactive career focused experience and keys to success.

“Show me shoes master class has opened so many wonderful doors for me just being around a lot of successful black women motivated me to work harder” -Katerra

“I’m so glad I attended master class, I learned a lot about the field that I was interested in” – Dahlia 

How can my teen daughter get involved?

For information on upcoming events for your teen please request to be added to our email newsletter for monthly updates on Show Me Shoes Foundation sponsored programs for our teens! requests can be sent to info@showmeshoes.org Subject line: Please Subscribe

How often is Teen Master Class?

We host this event annually in Atlanta, GA. and Kansas City, MO.