2018 Scholarship Opportunities

Atlanta GLOWS' Titus 2:3-5 Scholarship 

Deadline, April 20th, 2018    

In the broader biblical context of the book of Titus, chapter 2 and verses 3-5, Paul describes to Titus that teaching and training young women is primarily the responsibility of older women. Young women need older women to come alongside them, give them help and support, and, in the minutiae of life, offer words of wisdom and a godly example of how to lead and serve in their lives and the community.


Through Atlanta Glow's mentoring program, this scholarship opportunity will further build upon the organization’s efforts to inspire women and girls to make an impact in their communities and help create positive change through education. Therefore, the annual Titus 235 Scholarship supports young ladies, ages 16-25, who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, leadership, and community service. 


Through the Titus 235 Scholarship, Atlanta GLOW awards one applicant with a $1,000 scholarship to aid with her college journey, made payable to her school of choice. Additionally, two runner-up applicants receive a $125 stipend to support college-related expenses.


Eligible applicants must apply online and submit the required materials, by Monday, April 30, 2018Scholarships will be awarded to the chosen finalists during Atlanta GLOW's Young Women's Leadership Conference on Saturday, July 7, 2018. Recipients must be present to receive the award.

Submit your application here.

GIVING HOPE & HELP-Education is Your Passport Scholarship


Giving Hope & Help-Education Is Your Passport Program is a program to provide educational and financial assistance for Pre-K thru Adult College Students. This portion of the program is designed to benefit low income High School Senior Scholars; providing the scholars with necessary tools needed to get to and through college while mentoring life skills for success and offering community service opportunities to meet needs and make a difference.

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