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  • My First Prom Project Journey: More Than a Dress with so much SOLE

    My First Prom Project Journey: More Than a Dress with so much SOLE

    My First Prom Project Journey: More Than a Dress with so much SOLE

    By Nykeeshia Beasly

    Living in Kansas City, Missouri the weather is unpredicatable like.... a beautiful sunny day to a full on snow and rain mix in the middle of April unpredictable! As the snow poured down, Show Me Shoes made sure that the girls would get what they came for,  a  free day full glam, shopping experience and giveaways.  The girls showed up by the bus load (Yes, literrally a bus full of young ladies pulled up to the event!)  The atmosphere and layout of the event was very fun, colorful, organized and thanks to Transformed Barber Acadamey, very spacious. The event was sectioned off by items/services, which made flow of the event very easy.

    There were different make-up artist doing “beats” and giving tips to the girls for their big day, nail techs, a lash technician, hairstylist, henna and throughout the evet, DJ Diamond Diva made sure to play the hottest music which made the event feel like a party. The ultimate goal is to make sure no girl left empty handed.

    The intent is to never make the girls to feel like they’re some type of charity so that’s why it’s important to make the girls feels special and make sure they are having fun while “shopping”.  This year, Show Me Shoes was very fortunate enough to provide a wide selection of gently used heels for the girls to have, Prom can be very costly from the hair, dues, makeup and Show Me Shoes provided a wide selection of dresses and heels from the girls to shop from and at $0 cost to the families.

    Each year the Show Me Shoes Foundation is very fortunate enough to have so many volunteers that are interested in helping with Prom Project. Devoting their time and attention to young girls, being that big sister for those who need that role model or just simply giving that extra boost of confidence, goes a long way!

    Speaking with some of the volunteers, I found that like many of the young ladies that come out, they also struggled to afford prom leaving many to not attend and they had no resources or organizations like Show Me Shoes Foundation.  Each year the Show Me Shoes Foundation started by two black women with that thought in their minds to give back to their communities to help alleviate some of the cost for young girls attending prom, is a wonderful thing and it's no wonder they have so many people eager to help out in any way they can.

    At the end of the day as a volunteer, I realized how in that one day you not only helped a young girl find that special dress and gain confidence but you also walk away feeling great about yourself knowing you helped with that.


    Keisha is currently volunteering with Show Me Shoes Foundation as our Assistant and Volunteer coordinator. You can also catch her blog post and fashion deets @thatbeaslygirl on Instagram

  • Brown and College Bound: 5 Things Every Black Girl Should Know Before Heading to College

    Brown and College Bound:  5 Things Every Black Girl Should Know Before Heading to College

    Brown and College Bound:  5 Things Every Black Girl Should Know Before Heading to College

    Congratulations are in order to the high school graduating class of 2018! As you transition from high school, for many of you the next step is college. Exciting right?


    Almost all colleges hand out brochures that show you diverse students cheering on the athletics teams or students happily mingling in the quad. But what is not shown or even talked about is the black college experience. And yes, it is a thing.


    Now do not get it twisted, when I say black college experience, I am referring to the ways in which we as black women experience college. It’s a different experience. So as you prepare for your first year of college, it’s only right that I share a few tips that were helpful to me in college.


    1. Give The College Experience A Chance. Starting school somewhere new can be intimidating, you are away from home, more than likely required to live on campus your first year, and none of your friends are at the same school as you. I get it, you are starting all over. It’s bittersweet. But the beauty of it all is that you are at the right place to evolve and blossom as a young black woman. This is the time when you are exploring and learning yourself.


    2. You’re not imagining things: Black Connection is Real. It is great to have a diverse group of friends. But when you see someone who looks like you it is only right to show love.


     3. Don’t Let Being Homesick Overwhelm You. It is very normal to get homesick at any point while in college. And sometimes it takes us getting away to fully appreciate home. In the times when you cannot go home, be active on campus, attend that event, go to the library to study instead, mingle in the Student Union.


    1. Remember Why You Are There: Prioritize + Balance. College requires you to apply yourself fully. It is easy to get distracted by unnecessary things. To stay organized and focused, I recommend you using a planner. It has been my lifesaver many of times, keeping me on track with everything I need to do.


    5. Utilize ALL Your Resources: You’re Paying For It. From the gym, library, to the career center, make use of it all. Get your money’s worth. Besides, they are going to come in handy.


    College is what you make it! You make your experience what you want it to be.

    Kiarra Brown - Edwards  is currently a senior at the University of Missouri-Kansas City majoring in Journalism-Communication and currently serving as Junior Coordinator for Show Me Shoes Foundation and a recent intern of FOX 4 News in Kansas City, MO



  • Dear Momma....The best advice my mother ever gave me

    Dear Momma....The best advice my mother ever gave me

    Early on Tuesday morning, I sent Anneka a birthday text followed by "What's the BEST advice your mother ever gave you?" We both agreed that was way too hard to just pick one.  I don't know what it is about mother's but they are truly women full of so much wisdom and insight, it's literally mind blowing how deeply connected they are and how much they know. God literally took his time crafting women, they are truly MAGIC!

    We both laugh at the time periods where we thought our mother's didn't know anything; we just knew they were old and out of touch with reality but if we look back our mother's had the best insight on bad friends, toxic relationships, when were sad, frustrated and just tired. Mothers are so loving and patient and no matter how tired they were they keep pushing.

    We could name the million times our mothers have come through on behalf of Show Me Shoes Foundation and of course in our personal lives with the many disappointments, heartbreaks, failures, mood swings and supporting our dreams. So as everyone is honoring mothers this weekend we wanted to share a few of the amazing gems our mothers have shared with us over the years.

    "Dont QUIT, EVER!" - Anneka's Mom

    "No matter what, ALWAYS PRAY" -Shivon's Mom

    "Get those people off your wings, it's too much to carry"-Shivon's Mom

    "Don't allow anyone other than GOD to determine your destiny" Anneka's Mom

    "You're Beautiful" (Both Mom's)

    Happy Mother's Day! What's the best gem of advice your mother has given you?