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  • Dear Momma....The best advice my mother ever gave me

    Dear Momma....The best advice my mother ever gave me

    Early on Tuesday morning, I sent Anneka a birthday text followed by "What's the BEST advice your mother ever gave you?" We both agreed that was way too hard to just pick one.  I don't know what it is about mother's but they are truly women full of so much wisdom and insight, it's literally mind blowing how deeply connected they are and how much they know. God literally took his time crafting women, they are truly MAGIC!

    We both laugh at the time periods where we thought our mother's didn't know anything; we just knew they were old and out of touch with reality but if we look back our mother's had the best insight on bad friends, toxic relationships, when were sad, frustrated and just tired. Mothers are so loving and patient and no matter how tired they were they keep pushing.

    We could name the million times our mothers have come through on behalf of Show Me Shoes Foundation and of course in our personal lives with the many disappointments, heartbreaks, failures, mood swings and supporting our dreams. So as everyone is honoring mothers this weekend we wanted to share a few of the amazing gems our mothers have shared with us over the years.

    "Dont QUIT, EVER!" - Anneka's Mom

    "No matter what, ALWAYS PRAY" -Shivon's Mom

    "Get those people off your wings, it's too much to carry"-Shivon's Mom

    "Don't allow anyone other than GOD to determine your destiny" Anneka's Mom

    "You're Beautiful" (Both Mom's)

    Happy Mother's Day! What's the best gem of advice your mother has given you?