• Show Me Shoes Foundation's Prom Project Purpose is BIGGER Than Just Giving Out Free Dresses

    Show Me Shoes Foundation's Prom Project Purpose is BIGGER Than Just Giving Out Free Dresses

    It was around 7:00pm on Sunday night and we sent the official "WE DID IT!!!!!" text and of course we replied with the a million smiley faces and heart emojis of joy and relief. We have officially survived another season of prom giving and it was a wrap for Prom Project 7! With the addition of a new chapter, double donations, registrations, sponsors and volunteers on top of keeping up with our personal lives we were stretched but in good way.*pops champagne*

    I sat in my car for about two hours scrolling and reposting through the hashtag of pictures and videos from the final event in Chicago. My battery was on five percent, so I started heading home and the tears just flowed down my face. I wasn't sad but overwhelmed with gratitude and blown away that we were able to work with so many AMAZING BLACK WOMEN. It was a full circle moment to see the volunteers and business owners who are women of color come together and help 500+ teen girls find the perfect prom dress but most importantly "Build confidence from the SOLE."

    This was the epitome of hashtag BLACK GIRL MAGIC from the venue owners, bakers, stylist, DJ's, photographers, vendors and volunteers all women of color and working together for a great cause just gave me chills.

    We are constantly exposed to negative images and stereotypes​ about black women on social media and popular television shows. The constant negative dialogue that black women are rude, mean and catty with each other has been recycled too long and our goal as a black female owned and operated organization is to dispel those myths and show younger girls more positive images. The truth is, black women are powerful, loving, kind and together we can move mountains and make magical things happen! *snaps fingers*

    We have been able to successfully bury that myth each year and show the teen girls who walk through the doors that WE did this for you, TOGETHER. We hope that the images of women of color is as impactful and exciting as getting the perfect dress for prom or at least planting the seed is something they will remember one day.

    This year we headed down south to Atlanta kicking things off then back out west to Los Angeles for the third year and made our way back to the Midwest in Kansas City with our final stop for the first time in Chicago where over 100 girls registered to find a dress for prom. This event is truly magical and the support that is received from the local communities is MIND BLOWING! 

    Our mission is to help the young ladies feel confident from Soul to SOLE and as we watch the transformation that happens to the girls from the time they walk in the doors until they leave, we know that this event is a positive footprint on the souls of these amazing young ladies.

    Thank you to everyone that helps to make Prom Project a successful event for the last 7 years! We look forward to 2018 and we are adding a new city! Can you guess where? Want to be part of this event next year email us for sponsorship opportunites: take a look at pictures and videos under our gallery