• Spring Brings New Beginnings : Be open to change and letting go

    Spring Brings New Beginnings : Be open to change and letting go

    Spring Brings New Beginnings "Nature never rushes, yet everything is accomplished"

    Spring has always been a favorite time of mine, we get to see the dead things in nature start to flourish again, daylight savings brings more light, the weather is warmer and the excitement for summer coming makes the days go by faster (in my mind).

    Many people are ending fast for Lent, some are peparing for Ramadan and others are on high alert for Mercury Retrograde (whatever you believe in) spring not only brings change in  weather but I often notice during this time some major and subtle changes in my life start to occur. We often aren't prepared for these changes but I believe that GOD created nature and seasons as a gentle reminder that change is coming and to be patient.

    Last year I was walking to my local library and I took a moment to notice this large tree that sits on my parents property, I couldn't help but to remember just a few months ago this tree was green and blooming with beautiful flowers and now in the middle of winter this same exact tree was bare, dry and brittle but I knew that in a few months when spring arrives this tree would begin it's transformation to the beautiful blooming tree I remembered. (stay with Let this be a gentle reminder that our lives will go through some beautiful seasons and some dry seasons but everything changes and those seasons that make us very uncomfortable are brief and we will see a beautiful time again just like the tree in my parents yard.

    It's very difficult for us to embrace unexpected change in a career, relationship, family or a life altering event. Life is cyclical, the "good moments" , "not so good moments" and during these times no matter how long they may last, we can learn to accept that at some point this season or moment will change and that in order to endure whatever season we must learn to be present and just enjoy because it will change, it always changes.

    Be super intentional this season  and spend  time  alone and  hit the reset button, go enjoy life for yourself:

    • set up a picnic and journal and eat your favorite food or snacks
    • go ride bikes
    • visit a art gallery
    • try a new hair color
    • visit your local city market
    • try a yoga class or just take a day off social media and rest.

    Spring Cleaning: ask yourself what are you letting go of that you can't control? Are you open and willing to enjoy each moment no matter what? What daily prayer and mantra will get you through the not so good times?  Are there some people and things that you should let go of that is no longer serving you?