• Dear Younger Self.....

    Dear Younger Self.....

    I was sitting around with my mom and I asked her how she became so confident. I was really curious at what point she realized that she truly loved herself. I then asked if she could tell her younger self something what would it be? She started to tell me and got teary eyed and said "Dear younger self, I apologize it took so long to fall in love with me"

    I think the most amazing and exciting time for a woman, is finally realizing that she is TRULY evolving and becoming the person she dreamed, fought and prayed to be! If we all took a moment to reflect on our lives we could probably agree that this whole "becoming a woman" thing is not easy. I mean the heart break, losses, insecurities, confusion, body changes and doubt has all taken us along hopefully a pretty amazing journey.

    There is this misconception that you are supposed to have your life together by a certain age, usually 25, 30 or 40. "They" lied, there is never a time in your life that you will have it all together but one day you wake up and finally can say with confidence "I like who the heck I AM!" It's a  liberating moment where you no longer care about what people think, you are willing to unlearn and relearn everything and disconnect from everyone that no longer makes you feel alive.

    You begin to feel SUPER HUMAN you understand that life is full of peaks and valleys, you become impeccable with your words, family becomes a priority, you choose to grow in love vs. fall in love, you make better financial decisions and you understand that you are here for a purpose and peace is a priority.

    I sat down with a group of my girlfriends and we laughed about how hilariously young we were in our 20's and now that most of us are heading towards being in the 40's club in a few years, we are so amazed at how much more brave and confident we have become. If you could tell your younger self something, what would you say? Here are a few of the one's my girls mentioned:

    Dear younger self,


    Dear younger self,

    love the hell out of you no matter what

    Dear younger self,

    you are enough already

    Dear younger self,

    you are not too tall, too dark, too silly, too loud, too black, you are perfect!

    Dear younger self,

    believe in yourself!

    Dear younger self, you WILL get through this.

    Dear Younger self,

    flow not force, what is meant will ALWAYS find you.

    Dear Younger self,

    let love find you, in the meantime ENJOY LIFE!

    Enjoy the journey there are so many outside voices that will try to tell you what you need or where you should be, just BE. Whatever makes you feel the most free and alive is who you are! What advice would you give your younger self? Please share!

    By Shiv'on Bullock  Co-Founder, Show Me Shoes Foundation

  • How To Get Involved | 3 Simple + Fun Ways to Help Send Teen Girls to Prom

    How To Get Involved | 3 Simple + Fun Ways to Help Send Teen Girls to Prom

    Hey Hey! It's PROM SEASON and for my ladies (and fellas) you have to remember how important this day was to you over 20+ years ago, it’s like a mini wedding....almost! We spent months browsing magazines, shopping and saving our hard earned part time job money to have the best prom night!

    Well let's fast forward to 20-17 and Prom these days are NOTHING like what we experienced. If you ever have the chance search the hasghtag #promposal #prom2k and these kids have gotten way fancier, creative and expensive with prom. The designer dresses, exotic car rentals and high end heels that I don't even own. The cost of prom now days can be anywhere from $1000 with dues, car, hair, makeup, shoes, dinner, pictures. (YES, GIRL!) 

    (not our photo but these two look amazing for prom (:)

    Now as a single woman living a very budget friendly and minimalist lifestyle, I personally think the hype for prom has gotten out of control hashtag #blamesocialmedia but this isn't about my views and plug to encourage people to be more budget friendly and live a minimalist in life. We  get it, prom is a very big deal and for a young girl one of the most important days of her High School life and it's been a pleasure to help send over 1,000 teen girls to prom with the Prom Project: Prom in the City outreach.

    We are in our 7th year of service and this project has grown beyond what we could imagine. We definitely have an amazing support system with our city, volunteers, donors and just beautiful souls we meet. We are in need of your help again this year and here are some easy ways you can help us to gather as many donations possible:

    Host a Dress Drive

    Now don't get overwhelmed, you don't need a venue or save the dates to go out. Just simply use your resources through your job, school, and church. Send out a simple email letting people know you're supporting the foundation and they can stop by your desk during the week and drop off donations.

    Make Room

    Sis, as much as we want to hold on to those dresses from our prom, best friend's wedding, cotillion you were in like 10 years ago.... LET IT GO! Seriously take a long look in your closest and make room for some new things. It's literally the law of attraction, if you want new blessings MAKE ROOM (inserts church AMEN!) Anything you have that needs to go? Once you're done please take them to any of our drop off sites.

    Buy a New Dress

    These dresses are going to young women who are in need and if you are looking to make a charitable donation that you can write off at the end of the year, consider purchasing a new dress and blessing a young lady. It's for an amazing cause and it will make you feel so good!


    Thank you for your support, learn more on how to be part of this amazing project here 

  • Why I won't be saying, "New Year, New Me" and attending Vision Board Parties

    Yes, it's cliche' to set new year's resolutions, goals and of course our timelines will be filled with self affirming "New Year, New Me" comments *eye roll* but in some way the excitement of having the opportunity to start again gives you hope that you will be better and do better than you had. It's a clean slate and the chance to get out of auto pilot and stop just coasting through life and make this the year that you get in the game and make things happen.

    I have this extreme anticipation of accomplishing goals, setting intentions, stretching myself in business, starting new relationships and continuing to pursue the life GOD has planned for me. I know for many 2016 was struggle city and you are just waiting for this painful season to end and to get to the finish line. What if you take a moment just to reflect on everything you have learned and look at it this way, YOU MADE IT! 

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love a good looking vision board! But if you're like me and dread the vision board party invites and writing down your top 5, goals for the year. Here are some different non traditional ways to set and crush some goals in 2017:

    1. Gratitude Jar: This is my favorite.Get a empty jar of any size and  some post-its (or cut up some paper) and every time something good happens to you, drop a note in the jar. At the end of the year you can reflect back on how amazing that year was. Surprisingly, we forget many things and it just gives you this amazing feeling of gratitude. 
    2. Affirmation Journal: Every morning, just wake up and write 2-3 sentences with your intentions for the day or just your thoughts. Set a time to sit alone before you start your day and you will feel amazing. I like to carry mine with me and just jot down things that come to mind.
    3. Audio Vision Boards: Unlike the traditional poster board and cut out magazines, these are really great ways to record affirmations and replay them. Once you get over hearing your recorded voice (which can be akward) it becomes SUPER FUN! Or you can always subscribe to some, I LOVE Tracy G.

    These are some super fun ways to stay consistent and crush your goals in 2017! You got this and no more just letting life beat you up! Get in the game GIRL (or MAN lol)! Be sure you keep up with us in 2017! How are you bringing in the New Year?

    With LOVE+ LIGHT,

    Shiv'on B @noighshivonmonique

  • 3 ways to be Sole Beautiful

     3 ways to be Sole Beautiful

    We are all about being sole beautiful here at Show Me Shoes. If you're new to our site, then you maybe curious about what that means or looks like. Below are 3 ways to be sole beautiful. It doesn't take a lot because you are already amazing, but here are our favorite ways to feel sole beautiful. No this is not a beauty guide. Being sold beautiful is about much more than looking nice.

    1. Treat Yourself

    Doing small things for yourself, like buying a new pair of shoes or a new bag are essential. You can’t rely on other people to take care of you. Take charge of your life. Work hard and treat yourself!

    2. Affirm yourself

    Tell yourself that you are beautiful. Write it on your white board. Write it on your mirror. Write it on your heart. You are beautiful and you deserve nothing but the very best! You should purchase a Sole Beautiful tee as well!

    3. Do something for someone else

    Have you ever considered paying it forward? Treating someone to dinner or paying into a scholarship fund? Maybe you like to read. Donate a few books to charity. You feel better when you are making positive impacts.

    Thank you for reading. Be sure to purchase a Sole Beautiful tee here. All proceeds help us to fund our cause of bulidng confidence starting from the soul.

    Post Author: Jasmine Cooper