About Us

Longtime friends Shiv'on and Anneka both had the vision to inspire young girls to follow their dreams and to help build confidence from the "Sole.  In 2009, Show Me Shoes Foundation was launched.

Show Me Shoes Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose vision is to create a movement of confidence through self-love, mentors and sisterhood.  

Show Me Shoes has served over 2,000 young girls and women in chapters in Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Jacksonville FL; Los Angeles, CA and the founder's hometown of Kansas City, MO. 

With your support, thousands of teen girls and women have received shoes through our programs!

With the support of volunteers and donations, we are able to make a difference by restoring strength and self-love through the sole. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive updates and event information first! Add Me To The List


 Show Me Shoes Foundation accepts donations of new and lightly worn women's dress and casual shoes. Our intent is to restore confidence..starting at the "sole".


2018-Visionary Voice-Patrick Collins Agency (Anneka Maquay-Founder)

2017- Buck O'Neil Legacy Seat (Shiv'on Bullock-Founder)

2016 - The Black Women Are Awards  (Nomination)

2016 - "Non Profit of the Year" - Trinity Awards (Nomination)

2015 Center Link "Community Choice" - Best Organization Nominee

2015 "Capture Kindness" ThriveEnt Financial Winner

2015 “Best Non Profit Midwest” Black Celebrity Giving

2014 “Women on the Move” Women of Imagery