Show Me Shoes Foundation’s mission is to encourage young women to live a life of confidence from the inside out.   We call it being “SOLE Beautiful.”

We believe that when we learn to love who we are, we become confident leaders who journey through life-giving space to limitless opportunities.

Camp Sole Beautiful is a 2-day event that will allow teens to experience various workshops, activities, and mentorship all while building confidence starting from the sole.

 Each activity will allow young ladies to adopt the skills, guidance, and platform to learn to love their SOLE beauty.  Each activity will give them the confidence they need to return to their communities and work towards their future goals and dreams.

Once registration is completed, detailed information about the camp will be sent to the address registered. We look forward to serving these amazing SOULS with daily activities that will uplift, encourage, and inspire them!

For information on sponsorships and donations | (We can link this to the contact page and have a drop down where people can select to receive more information for CSB).