Show Me Shoes Foundation's Mission is to 'Build Confidence from the SOLE' our goal to provide teen girls with all the tools to become whole, confident, and powerful young women while empowering them in all areas. Our 'More Than A Dress' Scholarship fund is an extension of a long-standing program in the Kansas City, MO area Prom Project. This scholarship will be awarded to young ladies who are first-generation college students from low economic areas. The scholarship will be financial support for a college/university needs: books, tuition, dorms, etc.

Long term mission: To provide first-generation scholarships to Black girls who have the desire to pursue college/university or trade. Our scholarship goal is to be able to assist with tuition, books, housing and travel as the scholarship dollars increase and to extend beyond a one year scholarship to provide funds through the entire education program (4 years max). Learn about the qualifications of the scholarship and to apply, here.

To be an Angel Donor for our Scholarship, $100 minimum donation is required. 

You can mail your donation to Show Me Shoes Foundation - 2451 Cumberland Pkwy #3912 - Atlanta, GA 30339