Show Me Shoes Foundation | Operation reSOLE

With the growth of the foundation and increased shoe donations that come in the need for funds has increased and the vision to consign and resale to fund the foundation has become priority so that the Foundation can sustain and continue to invest in programs and resources that benefit teen girls and our mission to continue to empower, support and help them to “Build Confidence from the SOLE”.

reSOLE was birth with the mission to use the donations to resale at lower price as part of our commission plan or 100% donation plan. The donations will be used to support the following programs within the Foundation: Camp Sole Beautiful, Operation Sole Beautiful, Teen Master Class, and More Than A Dress Scholarship.

We are excited to launch this new edition to the Foundation that will allow us to grow and to continue to help so many young women in the world. We have worked purposefully and relentlessly for nearly 10 years to provide quality programs that support the needs of our community, provide representation to young women and supply them with opportunities.

Project reSOLE works two (2) ways:

  • 100% Donations
    • Donors can donate heels no older than 5 years in new or gently worn condition to be resold at cost determined by foundation. Show Me Shoes Foundation keeps 100% of resale cost and donations are tax deductible.
  • Commission/Consignment
    • Commission program are for high end designer/couture heels/shoes that Show Me Shoes Foundation resale and makes up to 30% commission off sales price determined by seller.


Shop our reSOLE store of gently pre-owned or new shoes donated that support the Show Me Shoes Foundation:

  • Commission - Items will be displayed on our website Items must be shipped with contact information slip in box and contact information on box within 3 business days. Once items are received you will receive confirmation of receipt of items. (If the item does not sell in 45 days you can request for your item to be sent back free of charge or you can choose to donate to the Foundation as a charitable donation).
  • Highest Selling Price - Please note shoes cannot be resold higher than original cost and if shoes are not in gentle or new condition it is our discretion to not resale. The calculator below can be used to determine your earning based on our commission rate of 20% and transaction fee of 2.93%. (WE DO NOT REIMBURSE FOR SHIPPING, SO PLEASE INCLUDE SHIPPING IN YOUR SELLING PRICE)*
  • 80% of reSOLE goes into funding for Show Me Shoes Foundation, 20% will support administrative, salary and other operational needs.


Terms and Conditions - what are the T&C?

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